Rat Chinese Zodiac: Fun Trivia

If you were born under the sign of the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, chances are you are sentimental and sensitive. You may also be optimistic and cheerful and quite resourceful when it comes to finding a way to get the job done – especially if it directly affects you and those you love. Overall, those born under the Rat Chinese Zodiac are easy to get along with and will often have many friends. They have a genuine appreciate for people and those around them and will do almost anything to keep a friend. preethi zodiac mg 218 mixer grinder

If you have a boss born under the sign of the Rat Chinese Zodiac, he more than likely has an innate ability to make money. When it comes to employees, more than likely he will be willing to take care of them in ways to ensure they stay healthy and productive. He will not, however, give raises without very justifiable reasons. The Rat Chinese Zodiac is a master of bargains and getting money from him can prove to be quite difficult if there is any doubt that the money is to be used for an exceptionally good reason.

One interesting point about those born under the Rat Chinese Zodiac sign is that they are generally accepted as people who cannot keep secrets. While they enjoy finding secrets, they also have no problem using them to their own advantaged. Rat Chinese Zodiac individuals will be smart, enterprising, clever and quick-witted. The Rat Chinese Zodiac individual is able to accomplish whatever they put their mind to. On a positive side they tend to have very long memories and is able to develop very good relationships with people. On a negative side, they tend to be quick and harsh with their criticism. In addition, they tend to be prone to accumulating things – remember the term pack rat? – even things they really do not need. Women born under the Rat Chinese Zodiac side is thought to make a good housewife because she will dote on her husband and spoil her children. Children born under the sign of the Rat will be considerate, trusting and forgiving toward their parents and elders.

Rats are capable of making a great deal of money but must take care not to allow greed to blind their judgment. The best deals to be made by someone born under the Rat Chinese Zodiac will be negotiated during the winter months, and in particularly December. The rat is seen to be the most compatible for purposes of business and/or marriage with the Ox.