Oppo F19 Pro A Unique Mobile Experience


The Oppo F19 is now available at very affordable prices thanks to stiff competition between Oppo and other wireless phone manufacturers. There are even deals and offers available during special promotions and over the holidays at the end of each year. The Oppo F19 is a high performance smartphone that comes packed with features like high resolution images, impressive music player, internet connectivity, video playback and plenty of memory.

The price of the Oppo F19 Pro is $400. It comes with a single SIM card and you can activate it with any network in the United States. The device has an expandable memory capacity of up to 2GB. It has a unique dual camera with image processing engines to enable clear pictures with go od clarity. The battery has a fast charge time of about twenty minutes and can be charged through USB. Oppo F19 Pro

There is an exclusive offer for this product with an additional discount of fifty percent off the original price and free accessories. This offer lasts for two weeks only or till the end of March. The Oppo F19 Pro comes with a unique dual metal antenna called the Mediatek Dimensi LANX which has been fabricated by MTK. This dual metal antenna has been found to improve the clarity and sharpness of the sound coming out from the handset. The microSD card which is used to add extra memory capacity has a fast access speed that is much faster than what one would have expected.

The Oppo F19 Pro has a very impressive camera with a resolution of six mega pixels with a manual focus ability to take clear pictures. The camera has a very wide angle lens which gives it a unique advantage over other mobiles. The phone also comes with a rich variety of rich multimedia features like music player, picture gallery, clock, calculator, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared and lots of memory slots. There is a great user interface which allows the users to enjoy a unique mobile experience with its unique functions and easy user navigation.

The microSD slot enables you to store plenty of pictures in the device which further makes it highly useful for all the uses related to the Oppo Ecosystem. The high definition images are provided by the Carl Zeiss lens used for the rear camera and the aperture option can be set according to your requirement from a few strengths. This makes it highly versatile when it comes to using the front or secondary camera.

The camera of this smartphone also has some advanced features which includes auto-focus, portrait mode, facial recognition and much more. With the help of the auto-play technology, you can enjoy the videos by watching them on the small screen while the dual headphone jack, jogger foot pad and stand dock allow the user to play the videos while on the go. The Oppo F19 Pro also offers a high resistance battery which enables you to charge your smartphone without any hindrance. You can also enjoy unlimited messaging and general connectivity with the help of this smartphone.